I’m running for Mind! 

I’ve decided to take part in a run this year (half marathon) to raise money for Mind. Mind is a mental health charity, that provides support and guidance to those suffering with mental health illnesses (and their families/carers). I’m forever being asked why I’m studying psychology, why I’m so interested by mental health, etc. My answer is simple .. 1 in 4 of us suffers from a mental health illness (in some form or another). When you think about that, it’s 1 person in every family (at the least). It’s not something to be taken lightly, as it can cost someone’s life. I’ve tried to increase mental health awareness over the past year through my blog, and I believe I’ve done a good job. My blog posts have been read by many over the globe. However, there is still stigma surrounding the issue of mental health. This needs to change. Yes, life isn’t all serious .. But that doesn’t mean mental illnesses don’t exist. They shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they are diagnosable and treatable illnesses just as much as any physical illness is. Mental health illnesses can also cost someone’s life just as much as cancer (for e.g.) can. Please help me with this, by donating through the fundraising page. On the page you’ll find all the details of the run, and how to pay etc. Even if you can only donate £1, know that you’re helping in some way! Thank you! 
This is my personal fundraising page, where you can find details and donate 🙂 



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