Which is normal: Introversion or Extroversion?

Hey, it’s been a while, but I guess I’m back to posting regular blog posts. Thanks for reading, and I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to this specific post. Just a quick note, my blog is primarily based on personal views and experience, sometimes referring to research and some background information, with the aim of helping anyone who may be suffering, or know of anyone suffering from a mental health illness. I would welcome any advice and feedback on my blogs, or your personal thoughts on the topic.

If you haven’t guessed already from the title, I’m writing this post to explain a bit about introverts and extroverts. I guess I should start by saying that neither type of person is more normal than the other – introverts and extroverts are just simply to personality types, and this post will hopefully explain the two types in more detail.

I’ll start with a bit of a description of personality types. I won’t go into great detail, but there’s basically two types of people: introverts and extroverts. Introverts are individuals who are less vocal, less sociable, and are generally really quiet beings who tend to be anxious and quiet (in social situations). On the other hand, extroverts are very vocal, loud, and usually very energetic.

Most people’s preconceptions about someone who is introverted is that they are quiet, shy, hidden, and unable to deal with the outside world. Fact is, that’s far from the truth. The only difference between an introvert and extrovert, is that introverts are usually quiet and not so confident in social interactions. Introverts are more energized in smaller, more comfortable environments, where they are able to have some space, and some silence.

On the other hand, extroverts are usually seen as loud, outgoing, and unable to remain quiet. They tend to be very comfortable, and generally quite loud in social situations. Extroverts are more energized in more social situations, and fuel off other people. They tend to prefer being around others, and quiet often being the center of attention.

These two personality types exist on a continuum, with two extremes, and plenty of space to fit in between! Of course there are extremes of both types of individuals, but the fact is, these personality types remain on a continuum, with individuals at different points of the scale. As with everything, genetic and environmental factors do of course play an important role in determining where an individual is on the continuum.


I have written this particular blog simply to inform people about the two different personality types, introversion and extroversion. I hope that this blog has been informative, and that people understand the two personality types better. Further information can be found through these well-informed websites listed below:


(an interesting YouTube video on introversion and extroversion)

(a really interesting blog post – ’15 Mistakes Parents Make with an Introverted Child’)

Please do ask any questions or suggest any topics that you would like me to discuss – I’ll do my best to deliver! Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Which is normal: Introversion or Extroversion?

    1. Thank you. Same goes for me really, but just wanted to inform people that there’s not just simply intro- and extro- verts, but that there’s actually a continuum on which most people fall. Thanks for reading 🙂

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